10 Ways To Burn Off That Paczki

closeup of a tape measure and donut with powdered sugar
closeup of a tape measure and donut with powdered sugar

They don’t call it Fat Tuesday for nothing! Consuming one paczki means you’re indulging in anywhere from 400 – 700 or more calories, and about as many grams of fat as McDonald’s Big Mac (For those who don’t know what a paczki is, it’s basically a jelly filled donut.)

A Little History:

Growing up just south of Detroit in a large polish community – I remember paczki day as a festive Tuesday at school where teachers and parents would bring in jelly filled donuts to class for the students to munch on.

Paczki Day became a popular tradition because households wanted to use up all the sugary & fat ingredients in their homes on the Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

Now that I’m older I realize how taxing these sweets can be to one’s body!

10 Ways To Burn Off a Paczki

Hula Hooping

This exercise burns approximately 7 calories per minute. Try Hula Hooping for 60 minutes & you’ll burn off about 420 calories!


Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell swing exercise will burn about 20 calories a minute-That is 400 calories burned in only 20 minutes!


Indoor Rowing/Erg Machine 

Between 16-28 rowing strokes per minute for 40 minutes can burn off around 400 calories.

Follow this erging plan:




For every one minute of basic burpees (done correctly- no cheating!) burns an average of 10 calories. Most people do in between 10-20 burpees per minute. So that means 50 minutes of burpees equals out to melting off 500 calories.



The average 40 minute spinning class at a cadence of 80–110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 15–20 miles on the road, will burn 400-600 calories. 


Jump Roping

Jumping—about 100 to 120 skips per minute—burns about 13 calories per minute530 calories burned for 40 minutes of jump roping!



10 minutes of moderate pushups burns 57 calories, while 10 minutes of vigorous pushups burns 96 calories. Meaning that it will take you 90 minutes of moderate pushups to burn just over 500 calories



Jump, dive or cannon ball in! It only takes 60 minutes to burn 720 calories while swimming. What a perfect reason to take a dip!



That’s right, you knew it would be on the list! Running at a 10 minute-per-mile pace for 60 minutes & you’ll burn off around 600 calories! You can do it!


Comment below and tell me your favorite high-calorie-burning workout!

  • Elleresto@gmail.com

    Running after the ice cream truck

  • http://www.thomasrudy.com/ Thomas Rudy

    Running a mile as fast as I can :)

    • http://www.thomasrudy.com/ Thomas Rudy

      Which is slow.